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Palm Beach County Homeschooling

Palm Beach County Home Education Office:

3340 Forest Hill Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33406


Palm Beach County Home Education Website:

Florida law - a test is not required to have an annual evaluation. Read the Florida law for home education:

FL State Statute 1002.41 regarding Home Education

La ley de Florida - un ensayo no es necesario tener una evaluación anual. Lea la ley de la Florida para la educación en el hogar:

Estatuto 1002.41 de la Florida sobre Educación en el hogar

Palm Beach County Homeschool Evaluators:

Charles Curtis Tucker - 786-525-3545

Featured Educational Programs in Palm Beach
Saltwater Studies is a for-profit company that offers biblically-based marine science education to all ages. Guided field trips, marine science classes and camps for homeschooled students, serving Broward and Palm Beach counties. Contact Christa Jewett Phone: 954.895.8579 or visit our website:

Palm Beach County Homeschool Support Groups:

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