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Broward County Homeschooling

Broward County Home Education Office:

Broward County Public Schools
1400 NW 14th Ct. Bldg. 17,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

Phone: 754-321-1558

Fax: 754-321-1694

Broward Home Education Website:

Florida law - a test is not required to have an annual evaluation. Read the Florida law for home education:

FL State Statute 1002.41 regarding Home Education

La ley de Florida - un ensayo no es necesario tener una evaluación anual. Lea la ley de la Florida para la educación en el hogar:

Estatuto 1002.41 de la Florida sobre Educación en el hogar

Broward County Homeschool Evaluators:

Charles C. Tucker - 786-525-3545

Featured Educational Programs in Broward
Saltwater Studies is a for-profit company that offers biblically-based marine science education to all ages. Guided field trips, marine science classes and camps for homeschooled students, serving Broward and Palm Beach counties. Contact Christa Jewett Phone: 954.895.8579 or visit our website:

Dance Iq Animated Banner Dance IQ - Inclusive dance program for children of all ages, combining creativity, a sociocultural theoretical framework, brain-based dance, and community through the art of dance. Dance IQ uses interactive movement to deepen the cognitive and kinesthetic learning experience of children and adults. The studio’s intention is to unite all children through dance while creating 21st century learners & leaders.
Address: 15904 West State Rd. 84, Sunrise, FL 33326
Call 954-294-5503 or visit us online:

Broward County Homeschool Support Groups:

Broward Homeschool Parent Support Group, Inc (PSG) 
(954) 749-7310, 
Serving Broward, Dade & Palm Beach Counties 

Calvary Chapel Homeschoolers (CCFL) 
(954) 943-7457,, 
Support Group and Co-op 
Serving Broward and Palm Beach Counties 

Coral Ridge Home Educators Support Group 
(954) 474-4373, 
Support Group / Church Ministry 
Serving Broward County 

Educational Resource Center of Broward
(954) 987-4963,, 
Support group
Serving in Broawrd, Dade, and palm beach counties

Home Educators Applying Righteous Teaching Standards 
(954) 434-0771, 

Homeeducation Organization Providing Encouragement 
(954) 753-5058, 

Lost & Founds Home Scholars Club 
(954) 882-2793, 

Parkridge Baptist Homeschoolers 
(954) 346-9009, 

Society of Parents Lending All-inclusive Support for Homeschooling, Inc. 
(954) 522-7857, 

The Working Parent's Homeschool Support Group is designed to meet the needs of the time challenged homeschool parent. Email



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